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Affordable Hosting Space now supports server management and Monitoring service.

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Affordable Hosting Space is previously providing only on Hosting and domain services. Now we have made a step to offers optimized server management and monitored services to keep your server error-free from downtime issues and other harmful attacks. Technical server experts team monitor your server software update patches and keep your server from vulnerabilities and regular backup monitoring from mechanical faults. We provide your total solution for your servers.

  • Infected Website Recovery (WP)*.
  • Database Repair*.
  • Website Monitoring.
  • Fix Email Errors.
  • fix Application errors
  • IP Blacklist Removal
  • And Other Server Maintenance...

We understand from our clients that they require a total server solution for their server problems and identifying issues that affect server performance.

We manage technical support and system management on a wide range of cloud infrastructure technologies; currently, we focus on these technologies only Li node, Digital Ocean, AWS as we have experts on the field to serve you. Apart from these technologies, we support Cpanel installation and its support, including migration support.

The reason to choose our service is to respond to the server requiring Human interaction knowledge, which requires emergency service rescue on server error resolution. Though we have automated backup, including mirror clone back, it needs to monitor backup based on MD5 signature verification. No issues will be on the restoration process on an unavoidable disaster due to FMA..

We also provide Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, CDN, Storage Services.



Clients over INDIA and overseas.


in server management and Monitoring service

Cloud technologies

DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, and more...

years of experience

Clients over INDIA and overseas.

Application and features for Hosting Solutions.

Cloud Expertise

We offer customised solutions for your hosting.

Flexible Billing

We offer Flexible Billing for your convenience on Demand.

Shared Support

For small to medium businesses if less support need

Dedicated Support

Suitable for high support volume

Frequently Asked Questions?

1Do you provide cPanel Hosting
Yes. We do provide hosting services and solution, that your business demands
2Do you fix application errors?
Yes. We have proficient in programming and debugging. We support programming languages like PHP, Laravel currently.
3Do you support our clients?
Yes. If you are in our dedicated support plan, we do provide support solution to your client the same service what we provide to you, but limited to use.
4Do you create a hosting server set up?
Yes, If you have a fresh System will setup Apache, Nginx server in your proposed system, make sure it's only for hosting purpose only.

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