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Affordable Hosting Space is a professional server management company that takes care of the needs of its clients. We offer full-managed services, providing everything from backups, migrations, patches and updates to firewall installations and configurations. As an outcome of our high level of experience managing servers across dozens of different locations, we are one of the best-managed service providers in the industry. With our years of knowledge and experience, our team has learned how to manage servers effectively for any business or enterprise without sacrificing efficiency. We started as a hosting company. Over time, we have expanded to server migration companies specializing in implementing databases and networks and server management solutions that allow us to connect easily with remote domains since offering more than just a hosting solution was essential.


Affordable Hosting Space specializes in high-quality server management services focusing on security while minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime to meet your business needs. That offers comprehensive server management, including backup services, system migrations, patching, configurations and maintenance to support your needs 24/7, so you don't have to worry about staying up-to-date on software patches or upgrades for your servers. We aim to ensure your servers are running and up to date so you can focus on what matters most! Our professional technicians offer comprehensive server management and technical services through remote control and live assistance and take care of all aspects, no matter how complex your needs may be.

Getting help resolving technical issues when your website is hosted on a server is usually very complicated and time-consuming. Affordable Hosting Space offers an expert at hand for quick assistance in resolving the issue. We provide qualified, professional service to web hosting companies on their server management problems 24/7 with our Server management specialist! We offer a unique, scalable, and cost-efficient approach to server management solutions.

Fast, Reliable & Cost-Effective Web Hosting Support Solutions

Get feature-rich, reliable and affordable hosting, outsourced web hosting support solutions and server management at the most competitive prices throughout India and overseas. We provide a wide array of highly dedicated and improved security web hosting support solutions that help your online business to thrive and survive in the present neck-throat competitive digital world.

Unlike other web hosting service providers, we strive to leave no stone unturned to offer unmatched, dedicated web hosting solutions and support backed around the clock by our panel of competent technical experts.

Along with a web hosting solution, our solutions include Remote Server Administration, Server Security, Linux Server Management, Windows Server Management and more support features. Our team of technical support will guarantee the below features.



Clients over INDIA and overseas.


Experts in server management and Monitoring service


Cloud technologies


years of experience

Cloud Expertise


We offer customised solutions for your hosting.

Flexible Billing


We offer Flexible Billing for your convenience on Demand.

Shared Support


For small to medium businesses, if fewer support needs.

Dedicated Support

Suitable for high support volume.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

Our Solutions are strategically designed to ensure that they are safe, secure, and reliable; We invest a lot to deliver on the expectations of our business clients. We ensure only robust hardware is used to provide hosting services to you so that you can always bank on it.

Dedicated Support

We assign experts to your task exclusively, to the task done at most priority.

We Are Always Here To Help You

Need technical or non-technical assistance with your web hosting? We are happy to answer your query with 100% satisfaction. Our tech specialists are available 24*7, 365 days round the clock to ensure excellent customer experiences.

We Assure Unparalleled Security

We live in a digitalized age, and security is of paramount importance-simply, one aspect that cannot undermine. Our team has experienced and implemented various firewalls, core-level malware detection, application security patching, and even one-click SSL Certification. This security solution leverages us to invest resources to stay up-to-date with advanced security features.

99.9% Uptime Is Our Sole Mission

We know the availability of your business website is your biggest concern-, as it can contribute to massive losses and negatively impact your company’s market credibility. We have an experienced technical support team managing powerful servers at tier-3 and tier-4 data centers, and they keep them as much up-time as possible. Our web hosting solution support comes with tuning for high-performance and assured up-time.

Complete Data Backup

Our services come with fully backed up support solutions, and we take regular data daily, weekly & monthly to be extra sure.

Quick & Easy Site Site-Up Setup

With our best web hosting solution support, your website is built quickly with no errors.

Technical Migration Help

Our IT technicians can guide you in migrating your existing website. So, if your web hosting service provider lets you down, come to us, and we are here to help you with hassle-free migration assistance.

Affordable Services

We offer the best and perfect service, designed to enhance client satisfaction so that your services are always up and running at an affordable price. Our qualified technical support team always raise the bar for performance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1Do you provide cPanel Hosting?
Yes. We do provide hosting services and solutions that your business demands.
2Do you fix application errors?
Yes. We have proficient in programming and debugging. We support programming languages like PHP and Laravel currently.
3Do you support our clients?
Yes. If you are in our dedicated support plan, we provide support solutions to your client, the same service we provide but limited to use.
4Do you create a hosting server set-up?
Yes, If you have a new System, we will set up Apache and Nginx servers in your proposed system; make sure it's only for hosting purposes.

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