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Nginx as a reverse proxy

Are you craving the benefits of an Nginx reverse proxy setup?

If you are a business owner looking to understand the benefits of Nginx reverse proxy setup and looking for the help of Nginx as a reverse proxy?

And interested in understanding the benefits of using Nginx as a reverse proxy

We have a complete guide to help you get started with an Nginx reverse proxy setup and offer a complete Nginx reverse proxy solution that includes the following features:


  • Single URL for access to all backend resources
  • Load balancing and failover
  • Automatic SSL certificates
  • Automated caching

 What is the benefit of using a reverse proxy setup?

There are many benefits of using Nginx as a reverse proxy, but one of the most important is using a single web address for all your backend resources.

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Advantages :

Nginx, reverse proxy architecture is built for speed, reliability and scalability.

With an Nginx reverse proxy setup, you can serve your web and application servers with a single IP address without requiring NAT or Port Forwarding.

With this setup, you can easily set up load balancing and round-robin DNS (DNS Round Robin) between all backend servers.

We make it easy to deploy an Nginx reverse proxy for serving static content and managing routing/load balancing/DNS Round Robin for your backend servers.

You will likely be able to reduce the load on your application servers if you use Nginx as a reverse proxy.

Contact us today so we can create a custom config for your company's needs.

 Managing multiple applications and their respective web addresses can be complicated. The best way to handle this is by using an Nginx reverse proxy configured to drive backend traffic. Contact us today about why you should use our Nginx reverse proxy today!

Reverse proxy load balancing avoids the load on application servers. Reverse Proxy Load Balancing is a scalable and centralized web application routing and load balancing solution that utilizes Nginx as its reverse proxy. Learn more about how RPC can dramatically improve your website uptime with our Nginx-based reverse proxy configuration


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the total cost of Nginx installation?
Given your website needs, the total cost will vary based on platform and requirements.
2What is the difference between Affordable Hosting Space (AHS ) and other Hosting solutions?
Apart from being cheaper than other solutions, AHS assures our customers of having a "no questions asked" money-back guarantee. You can always try us and see if you're satisfied with our service.
3Do I need to pay for this service?
Get the service without an obligation. We have a 100% money-back guarantee in case the installation fails. If you purchase with our services, we will prolong the support until it's done to show our commitment to quality and professional service.
4Do you offer a free trial?
AHS offers do not offer a free trial for support services like SSL installation and so on.
5What should I do if my website is not secure?
Start by having an SSL installed on your website. If you suspect that a session could have been compromised and someone managed to identify your secrets, start by reporting it on our AHS Security Checker.
6Do you support for WordPress?
Yes, we can install your WordPress Site and configure installation on Nginx. Our support services varied from Nginx installation for different applications and securing applications.

How to fix security issues on your website today with AHS (Affordable Hosting Space).

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