Affordable Hosting Space provides

24/7 outsourced web hosting solution and server management solutions.

We offer extensive services to ensure your servers are well taken care of from vulnerability and downtime. Our experienced, certified technicians are highly trained to provide personalized support and manage advanced issues.

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Extensive Web Hosting Support Solutions

W e specialize in security and reliability for hosting solutions. We provide 24/7 support for clients needing help with their servers to ensure stability. Choose Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, or VPS to get 24/7/365 customer support for your infrastructure.

Our comprehensive runbook provides instructions on administering a system and is available around the clock. Our open issues will be logged in the issue tracking system for updates, with performance counters and optional agents offering history about your server activity through disk usage, CPU utilization, and network activity.

We offer a complete suite of outsourced server management services. Outsourcing your servers to our managed service providers gives you peace of mind. Outsourcing your server management is more cost-effective and saves time. Get competitive pricing on our managed services now!

Customized  Service Provided

We maintain the infrastructure and offer world-class customer service at a fixed or customized fee. Our technical staff can handle any web hosting problem, and we share resources with other providers to keep our infrastructure running well. With enhanced support in billing, sales and technical issues, you get all the help you need to host your website successfully.

Our service differs from client to client, which is a good thing. Our experience has taught us that every customer has different needs. For example, some companies need 24/7 support while others only need it during the day or night. Based on this understanding, we have worked out different plans for each customer. We provide a 24/7 help desk, live chat and phone assistance to ensure you get 100% technical assistance with your servers. We promise that our services will be stable through preventive measures and by providing a delightful experience.


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