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Tandem Load Balancing for Server Resources, Combining dynamic and static Servers For Sophisticated Websites.

Experts in Reliable Nginx Support Services

W e offer complete Nginx support services, including setting up a reverse proxy, installation, SSL, Ngnix support & management, security audits & hardening. We have a dedicated team of specialists ready to offer suite Nginx management services. Our Nginx support service packages are tailored to your business requirements and specifications.

Advantage of Nginx Web Services

For the modern application, working with a robust method of combining two servers is essential. This tandem distributes resources between two servers. One works as a front-end, responsible for serving the static content of a website to the visitors; the static content can be images, HTML, script files like javascript, style sheets like CSS, and other content which are said to be fixed. While the Apache will be as back end responsible for generating dynamic content.

When we configure these, Apache does not work directly with clients; all requests are proxied via Nginx. Here Nginx solves the child processes issues that consume vast amounts of RAM.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the total cost of Nginx installation?
Given your website needs, the total cost will vary based on platform and requirements.
2What is the difference between Affordable Hosting Space (AHS ) and other Hosting solutions?
Apart from being cheaper than other solutions, AHS assures our customers of having a "no questions asked" money-back guarantee. You can always try us and see if you're satisfied with our service.
3Do I need to pay for this service?
Get the service without an obligation. We have a 100% money-back guarantee in case the installation fails. If you purchase with our services, we will prolong the support until it's done to show our commitment to quality and professional service.
4Do you offer a free trial?
AHS offers do not offer a free trial for support services like SSL installation and so on.
5What should I do if my website is not secure?
Start by having an SSL installed on your website. If you suspect that a session could have been compromised and someone managed to identify your secrets, start by reporting it on our AHS Security Checker.
6Do you support for WordPress?
Yes, we can install your WordPress Site and configure installation on Nginx. Our support services varied from Nginx installation for different applications and securing applications.

How to fix security issues on your website today with AHS (Affordable Hosting Space).

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