Nginx Apache SSL Support

Nginx is a High-Performance Load Balancer, Web Server, Reverse Proxy.

Nginx created specifically to issue related to connection concurrency. Nginx Can Handel heavy spike traffic. We help you set up a reverse proxy, installation Nginx and support and management, setting up SSL with Nginx, Security audits & hardening.

For the modern application, it's essential to work with a robust method of combining two servers with working together. This tandem distributes resources between two servers. One works as a front-end, responsible for serving the static content of a website to the visitors; the static content can be as images, HTML, script files like javascript, style sheets like CSS, and other content which are said to be static. While the Apache will be as back end responsible for generating dynamic content.

When we configure these both Apache does not work directly with clients, all request is proxied via Nginx. Here Nginx solves the child processes issues that consume vast amounts of RAM.