Single Hosting Services

Single Hosting Services is the most affordable form of website hosting, mostly used for small business websites ranging from individual pages to dynamic websites. Unique Hosting Services are suitable for medium trafficked website sites for high-frequency content changes like blogs, news posts, etc.

  • Simple Website Hosting
  • Single Page Web App Hosting
  • Simple Static Website Hosting

Single Hosting Services are suitable for a growing organization, where investment meets the minimum requirement and planning to upgrade in the future or plan to test their strategy.

Single shared Hosting Services consist of a single hosting account from a server shared by others, just like you share a flat in an apartment. This individual shared hosting Services is the right chose if your targeted visitor less than a two thousand in a day, this is because you have a resource-limited to RAM, Bandwidth usages In general, to be more simple, a single hosting account is suitable if you are a small business and wanted a website at a very affordable cost to show your self in the land of Internet real estate.