Cloud Hosting Support

We give all technical support and system management tasks of cloud infrastructure, where you require resource management, performance optimization, backup management, all patches upgrade on significant technologies.

  • Virtual Machine technical support and maintenance
  • Service troubleshooting
  • Software installation & upgrades
  • Monitoring & emergency rescue
  • High availability management

A Cloud hosting Server has an advantage over dedicated hosting, where considerably the cost is lower by serving multiple users with dedicated resources not shared by any other user. The Cloud Server service is constructed by splitting into too many virtual servers, and each of these virtual servers has its supplies of the operating system. The Cloud Server is considerably affordable as you will be paying only for the resources you use now, and resources can be easily scaled up based on your requirement when needed. They can be scaled down when there is no longer demand.

The main advantage of a Cloud hosting Server over traditional hosting is that your website is hosted on a single server in traditional hosting. Still, in Cloud hosting, the web is not hosted on a single server but at multiple servers where it automatically rotates to the best available resource to serve the request. When hosted on Cloud Server, there is a more significant scalability, robustness, and reliability.